4 Beaches in Mexico

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

Hello friends! I'm @goeliaaa and today I will be telling you about my adventures in Mexico.

Who else doesn’t want to lay on 4 different stunning beaches within 6 days? Here is the story of how you can make it happen.

First, book a flight to Cancun International Airport. Find the cheapest tickets on www.skyscanner.com.

Day 1 

Book for your first night a hostel/hotel in the city of Cancun which is close to the all the bars, so that you can have a few drinks and dance in the night. If you prefer to stay in a quiet area it is also possible.

Day 2

The next day you will be going to paradise! The destination is called: Isla Mujeres (Island of women). The name says it all, every woman wants to go there.

First you have to take the bus from your hotel and after that you take a boat which will bring you to the island. I am still dreaming about this island every night. 

When the bus is dropping you off by the boat, you will already see this beautiful sea.

Once you arrive on Isla Mujeres, you can go to the center of the island to visit the souvenir shops and buy a sombrero, the typical Mexican hat.

After some shopping, just walk along the beach and find your perfect spot to relax for the rest of the day.

The view at the beach is amazing.

When you have found your perfect spot, don’t forget to take a picture of it ;)

Get a cocktail and take a moment to enjoy this paradise!

When the boat will bring you back to Cancun, you can wave the island goodbye while seeing this.

Back in Cancun, take the bus which will bring you to the second stop, Playa del Carmen.

We booked an apartment on www.airbnb.com which was right on the beach so we got lucky and watched the sunrise.

Day 3

In the morning, after watching the sunrise, you can go to the supermarket and prepare yourself a nice breakfast on the balcony to enjoy the sound of the waves.

The rest of the day you can lay on the beach, of course, what else, where the water is stunning again.

In the evening you can have a drink at the bars just next to the beach, where nice restaurants are located.

Day 4

Repeat day 3. You have to enjoy the beaches in Mexico a lot :)

Day 5

Take an early bus to the last stop: Tulum.

When you arrive at your airbnb/hotel, drop off your bags and rent a car @ Hertz (there is a office nearby the center) and drive to one of the seven world wonders: Chichen Itza. The road in Mexico is fine so the ride will be easy. 

Chichen Itza is insane! Make sure to ask for a guide so that he can tell you everything about the Mayan civilization, which is really interesting. You will see loads of beautiful old buildings and in the evening there is a light show.

The entrance fee to Chichen Itza is 242 Mexican Pesos. That is 11,18 euros and 12,67 USD. Not much to see one of the seven world wonders, I think!

We headed back to Tulum around 3 pm, so we rented a bike and we went to the beach to see the sunset. If your airbnb/hotel is in the center of Tulum, which is most likely because at the beach they only have resorts, then rent a bike to go to the beach, which will take about 25 minutes.  

I think that this is one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen so far. It felt like I was on a princess beach, I don’t know how to describe it, but it really felt magical. We watched the sun go down and the sky turned pink and turquoise. It was so so beautiful. Like I said, magical.

Day 6

Take your bike to the beach again, if you cycle a little bit further you will see another beautiful beach, which is also great.

Spend your last hours tanning on this beach before heading to the airport.

No filter needed on this picture, just take a moment and look at that sea!

These were 6 relaxing beach days including some sightseeing and scratching off one of the 7 world wonders off your bucket list!

The week after I did spend some time in Mexico City, because flying from Amsterdam to Mexico for only 6 days is maybe a little bit short.

I hope you enjoyed this short guide on 4 beaches in Mexico!

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