Classic & Nostalgic Parisian Hotels... With a Twist: La Maison Favart & Le Narcisse Blanc

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

At the beginning of May, the Journeys of Girls (@journeysofgirls) team had the pleasure of collaborating with La Maison Favart (@hotellamaisonfavart) and Le Narcisse Blanc (@lenarcisseblanc) in Paris, France.

Both hotels are located in prime areas of the city that are perfect for sightseeing and discovering the real Paris. La Maison Favart is on the Right Bank of the Seine river while Le Narcisse Blanc is on the Left. Both are quite lovely and luxurious, giving you the ultimate experience while in this wonderful city.

The themes of both these hotels is classical and nostalgic, with a twist. There is a modern touch to these boutique-style hotels yet you get the feel of old Paris and a taste of the past. This feeling creates the perfect mood for your Parisian stay and can set the tone for your holiday. Stunning attractions are within walking-distance of both hotels, so you’ll always have something spectacular to see or do.

To begin, let’s see what makes La Maison Favart a special hotel in the City of Love and Lights.

La Maison Favart

La Maison Favart is a 4 star boutique-hotel located in a very lively shopping area. The name “Favart” comes from the couple Favart who founded the Comic Opera in Paris which is across the street. Sticking to the world that the couple lived in, the hotel steps you back into the 18th century with its decor: heavy curtains, browns and reds, and many others fine details that transport you back in time yet keep in line with modernity. With only 39 rooms, this hotel tries to make you feel at home, catering to your every need in the most elegant and intimate way.

Close to Galeries Lafayettes Haussmann, the main location for this gorgeous department store, you can shop your heart out while staying near your hotel. In addition, the Palais Garnier is steps away, being one of the most beautiful opera houses in the city. Also, the famous Louvre museum is in walking distance, so you’re not short of nearby attractions when staying at La Maison Favart.

The room we stayed in is called “Boudoir Suedois”, and it was chic but modern. It's important to note that the hotel has many different variations of rooms, so you will have a different experience every time you come here. Right as you opened the door, you were greeted by the most pleasant scent, making you want to stay in your room all day! There were wonderful classical pictures on the wall that added to the nostalgic feel of the room, while the walls were lined with classic fabric in neutral colours.

The bathroom was one of our favourite parts of our entire stay. The walls were made of white marble, with every cream and lotion you need at your disposal. It was beautifully lit, with a walk-in shower ready for you to freshen up in. As a bonus, the shampoo and conditioner actually worked wonders (we can tell you from experience) and left your hair smelling divine. You really did feel more classy even just stepping out of your shower!

The view from our room was also spectacular. We had a direct sight of the Comic Opera, the building that the Favart couple founded hundreds of years ago. There’s also a charming square right in front of the hotel that we saw from our room and it would be a nice place to hang out while in the city.

When it came to other facilities the hotel offered, there were many different things to do outside of your room.

Just by the reception, there is a breakfast/snacking room with an honesty bar where you come to eat your first meal or to have some complimentary drinks throughout the day. The hotel team bakes a different type of ‘cake-of-the-day’ for guests and you are welcome to have a slice whenever you please. When we were there, they had carrot cake and it was delicious! The interior design of the area is also quite stunning and it’s an enjoyable place where you can relax and drink a tea or coffee while looking out to the city.

Another amenity offered by La Maison Favart is a well-being centre.

At the centre, they have a “Bathroom”, which is a small pool where you can really relax and escape the bustle of Paris.

Close to the little pool is a white-wood sauna and hamam, perfect for after your swim.

A fitness facility is also available with 3 machines that you can use to work out while on your holiday.

In addition, they have a room that is considered a mini-lounge where you go to unwind before or after using the other facilities in the well-being centre.

Finally, you can enjoy their complementary massage water-bed, or book a massage in the centre for an added cost.

If all you want to do is read a book or a newspaper, the reception lounge is perfect for you. There are multiple sitting areas where you can unwind, surrounded by classic furniture and decor. One of our favourite parts to sit was in the small courtyard located to the left of the reception desk. It was a very peaceful spot, perfect to escape the world.

For breakfast, you can either get it brought up to your room at a specific time, or you can go down to the breakfast area. We chose to have it in our room so we had to fill out a form that we hung from our door before 3AM that morning. They had a variety of choices, but we chose to have the continental breakfast with croissants, various jams, yoghurt, juice and coffee. The food was very tasty and it was prompt. The service we received while at La Maison Favart was of the highest quality!

If you’re looking for a classic Parisian hotel with nostalgic decor, amazing hospitality, and a gorgeous well-being centre, La Maison Favart Hotel is the place for you. It’s the perfect mix of classic and modern, and the hotel staff will cater to your every need.

In addition to this hotel, we also had the pleasure of staying at Le Narcisse Blanc Hotel & Spa located on the other side of the Seine, which had its own chic charm and modern twist.

Le Narcisse Blanc

Le Narcisse Blanc Hotel & Spa is a 5 star hotel located on the Left Bank of the Seine. S