Fabrics & Parisian Style: Hotel Chavanel & Hotel Flanelles

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

At the beginning of May, the Journeys of Girls (@journeysofgirls) team had the pleasure of collaborating with Hotel Chavanel (@hotelchavanel) and Hotel Flanelles (@hotelflanellesparis) in Paris, France.

Both hotels are located on the Right Bank of the Seine River in the iconic City of Love and Lights. However, they are in completely different areas allowing you to explore multiple parts of Paris. The theme of both hotels is the use of fabrics in a very Parisian style. They focus on lace, tweed, and denim in their decor, reflecting on the fashion of the city and the modernity it brings to the hotels.

To start, let us look at Hotel Chavanel and why it would be a great choice for your stay in Paris.

Hotel Chavanel

Hotel Chavanel is located in La Madeleine, a historical and elegant district in Paris focused on fashion and luxury. With Galeries Lafayettes Haussmann a walk away, this hotel is centrally located for you to shop your heart out. Family-owned, this boutique hotel wants to show you the art that is French living. The hotel exemplifies ethical sophistication, with the environment at the front of its cause. Quality and comfort are also important, reflected in the materials they use in their decor. “Woollen blends, velvet, and modern effects” are present because they represents what Parisians are currently using and wearing in their daily lives.

With only 27 rooms, Hotel Chavanel offers a very intimate experience with you as their guest. We stayed in the Deluxe Room that featured a big bed and sofa. To start, we noticed that there were many guidebooks about Paris on the coffee table in front of the sofa and we found it useful when trying to plan our day in the city. We also read a book about the hotel itself and what its goals and objectives are when providing service to their clients.

We had a wonderful view of La Rue Vignon, a bustling Parisian street with people and shops. The windows had an interesting display, covered by thick blue and white lace curtains.

There was also wool decor, specifically covering our bed, adding to that fashion forward Parisian vibe that the hotel offers overall.

The lamps were actually very intriguing, with interesting designs that definitely made you take a second look (in the best way!). The colours were also pleasing, with turquoise, magenta, and grey tones.

The bathroom featured a rainfall shower, equipped with velvet (yes!) bathrobes and slippers. The toilet was separate from the vanity and shower.

Overall, the room was very comfortable and we enjoyed hanging out in it.

One of our favourite parts of our stay was the reception lounge area. When you walk into the hotel, to your right you have a small area where you can enjoy reading about our planet and realizing what an impact we make as humans on our world. This really ties in with the hotel’s mission to be sustainable and environmental in their cause. An example of their efforts of sustainability would be how the lights in the hallways turn on and off automatically as someone enters and exits the space. This way, they can conserve energy when no one is in the hallways. This small area also has a nice view of a busy Parisian street.

Walking towards the main lounge, the wall across from the reception is lined with white-bark trees against a mirror, creating a very interesting choice in decor that we enjoyed very much.

The lounge itself is beautifully decorated with interesting geometric designs and fabrics and is lined with great fashion magazines to read.

Downstairs, you can find the breakfast room where you go to enjoy your first meal of the day. Beautifully designed as a cave, it is dimly lit to feel as relaxed as possible during your meal. It makes you feel like you’re eating in an old European castle, fit for royalty. Staff cater to your every need and it is a great place to enjoy the 100% organic food the hotel has to offer.

We chose to have breakfast brought up to our room and it was absolutely delicious. We just called the reception in the morning, told them what we wanted, and it was ready for us in under 20 minutes. They brought us a continental breakfast, along with boiled eggs and deli meats. They also had a selection of different fresh fruit juices squeezed by them. It was just amazing to think that everything was entirely organic and that they care so much about their guests to serve them only the best.

Hotel Chavanel was the epitome of class and an accommodation inspired by fashion. Hotel Flanelles also focused on the fabrics, making it another special stay for us in Paris.

Hotel Flanelles

Hotel Flanelles is a 4-star boutique-hotel located steps away from the iconic Arc de Triomphe. However, this beautiful accommodation actually wants to encourage you step away from the very touristy areas of the city and to explore the ‘real Paris’, walking in the opposite direction of the Arc and going off the beaten track.

The word ‘flanelles’ has two different meanings. The first means ‘flannel’, as in a fabric you can make your clothes out of and one that is used in the decor of the hotel. The second means ‘to wander’, as the hotel encourages you to stroll around Paris and wander its streets to your own discovery.

Even as you walk into the hotel, you can notice that the main doors to enter are simple and not overwhelming like some of the grand doors you see on some buildings in the city. The owner of the hotel did this intentionally because they wanted to convey a message: in Paris, the door does not matter, it is what you find behind the door that will truly stun you. They know that when you open doors in Paris, you can find a charming courtyard, a delicious restaurant, or other great surprises. With Hotel Flanelles, that is what you get when you walk through the door: a wonderful experience in the heart of Paris.

Aside from the simple doors, the hotel has a distinct smell that you will never forget. It’s similar to a scent called ‘Vanilla Intime’, and it honestly was one of the best smells that we have ever experienced! Sweet but relaxing, it was present even in our pillows.

In addition, the staff of the hotel were very helpful, willing to accommodate for everything you needed. Many of us feel uncomfortable when travelling and being out of our comfort zone, but this was not the case at Flanelles. Everyone did their best to make your travel experience one to positively remember.

Speaking of the rooms, there are only 25 rooms in this charming hotel, and they are small but comfortable. We were in a Classic Room with blue and pink decor and walls that were lined with denim. The combination of colours and fabric made for a unique feel in the room, and it was pleasant to just look around and enjoy the atmosphere they created. As mentioned before, the vanilla intime smell is just amazing and makes you want to stay in your room forever. The linens were also of the best quality and you fell asleep instantly while surrounded by them. Aside from that, we were given two large glass bottles of sparkling and still water, and coffee and tea as well.

The bathroom was beautiful with white and black finishes, accompanied by a rainfall shower. We were very impressed with the products offered because the shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and soap were in very large bottles (compared to other hotels) for us to use. They are also made from all organic ingredients and definitely work wonders on your hair and body! We thought this was a very nice touch to an already stunning hotel.

Aside from the room, the other parts of the hotel were also above standard. The reception and surrounding rooms were beautifully decorated with classic furniture.

A very nice touch to the hotel that you do not experience everywhere is that, from 6-8pm, you can make yourself a cocktail at a self-serve bar, on the house! They really do want you to feel at home.

In addition, there was an honesty bar with a variety of snacks and drinks. A complimentary ‘cake-of-the-day' was available for you to try and it was delicious.

The breakfast seating area was stunning, with such pretty tables and a nice view of Parisian streets. Breakfast at Hotel Flanelles is special because their ingredients come from different parts of the city and are unique in their own way. For example, they have homemade muesli and jams, honey from their own rooftop beehives (!), and fresh bread and pastries from local Parisian shops. The buffet style breakfast is easy to use, but you can also have it in the comfort of your own room. We chose to have it in the breakfast area and we were offered warm hospitality from the staff who were constantly looking after us to make sure we had everything we needed.

If you are looking for something to snack on, Hotel Flanelles makes a legendary club sandwich that you can order from room service or at the kitchen table. Choose from a variety of different combinations and you won’t be disappointed with this snack classic!