Fabrics & Parisian Style: Hotel Chavanel & Hotel Flanelles

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

At the beginning of May, the Journeys of Girls (@journeysofgirls) team had the pleasure of collaborating with Hotel Chavanel (@hotelchavanel) and Hotel Flanelles (@hotelflanellesparis) in Paris, France.

Both hotels are located on the Right Bank of the Seine River in the iconic City of Love and Lights. However, they are in completely different areas allowing you to explore multiple parts of Paris. The theme of both hotels is the use of fabrics in a very Parisian style. They focus on lace, tweed, and denim in their decor, reflecting on the fashion of the city and the modernity it brings to the hotels.

To start, let us look at Hotel Chavanel and why it would be a great choice for your stay in Paris.

Hotel Chavanel

Hotel Chavanel is located in La Madeleine, a historical and elegant district in Paris focused on fashion and luxury. With Galeries Lafayettes Haussmann a walk away, this hotel is centrally located for you to shop your heart out. Family-owned, this boutique hotel wants to show you the art that is French living. The hotel exemplifies ethical sophistication, with the environment at the front of its cause. Quality and comfort are also important, reflected in the materials they use in their decor. “Woollen blends, velvet, and modern effects” are present because they represents what Parisians are currently using and wearing in their daily lives.

With only 27 rooms, Hotel Chavanel offers a very intimate experience with you as their guest. We stayed in the Deluxe Room that featured a big bed and sofa. To start, we noticed that there were many guidebooks about Paris on the coffee table in front of the sofa and we found it useful when trying to plan our day in the city. We also read a book about the hotel itself and what its goals and objectives are when providing service to their clients.

We had a wonderful view of La Rue Vignon, a bustling Parisian street with people and shops. The windows had an interesting display, covered by thick blue and white lace curtains.

There was also wool decor, specifically covering our bed, adding to that fashion forward Parisian vibe that the hotel offers overall.