Italian Road Trip

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

Hello Journeys of Girls! My name is Giulia (@goeliaaa) and I'm excited to share some of my travel adventures with you.

Thinking about doing a road trip in Italy including the Amalfi coast? Well don’t think about it one more second and just make it happen! It is one of the most beautiful trips I’ve made ever made.

We rented a car in advance with which we really liked because all of the insurances were included. We flew to Naples because we wanted to see Mount Vesuvius. Make sure that you are going to Mount Vesuvius on a good day... If it is raining a little, it can be misty because you are high in the sky.

After, we visited the ancient city of Pompeii. You can see this city in half a day.

After Pompeii, the best part of this trip started: the Amalfi coast! The drive is actually kind of scary because the roads are very narrow, but it will give offer so many beautiful views that makes it totally worth doing!

Amalfi Coast

The first stop on the road you will see is Sorrento. The city is surrounded by a light blue sea and colourful houses. The town is cute and typically Italian.


The second stop is Positano, which made me feel like I was in paradise. Cute little streets with many shops, everything is white, a little blue and some other nice colours. Walk down the streets and you will see the black beach next to the hill with all the houses. The beach is so beautiful. In real life it is even more beautiful than in pictures.


We had to sleep outside of Positano because everything is really expensive! But if you stay until late then you can enjoy Positano and the road is quiet so the drive to the airbnb/hotel will be easier. Just have a cheap nice pizza at Restaurant Capricci Positano where you can have a view of the sea.

Restaurant Capricci Positano

The next day we went to the city of Amalfi itself, where the lemons are from. This is a small town with a small beach. You can do the Amalfi Lemon Experience tour which you can book at the website They also have an app for your phone.

After the lemon tour you can hang out at the beach for a few hours and then leave to the next stop: Salerno. This is actually the end of the Amalfi drive so when you arrive in Salerno, you will miss the Amalfi Coast already. Salerno is a very different city, but luckily it is still nearby the sea.

The next day we went to the other side of Italy, Bari. The weather wasn’t nice there but we visited the small town where you can see some little shops and eat some good pizza. If the weather is good, you can claim a beautiful spot on this small beach in the middle of the city.

Then we headed to Alberobello where you can find the famous little houses... They are called Trullos. Make sure to sleep in one for the night to experience it. You can easily book a room on

Trullos of Alberobello

After we went to the south of Italy where we stayed in Maratea, Tropea, and Scilla.

When staying in Maratea, make sure to book your Airbnb or hotel in the mountains because then you have a nice view over the ocean. The name of our bed and breakfast in Maratea was 'B&B la Giancarla'. The room was very clean and it did have an ocean view. Also, breakfast is included!

Tropea is not really special so we just spent the night there and drove to Scilla. Here the beaches were just wow! The colour of the water is so bright! Just lay on the beach for a whole day and swim in the ocean to relax a bit.

We then took the ferry from Reggio Calabria to Messina, Sicily. We expected it to be sunny but the weather was awful! If the weather is good in Sicily, you need to go to the beach in Mandello. If not, just book a flight to Rome ;)

So, that's what we did.. And off we were to Rome where it was only 120 euros to stay for 4 days! I think everybody will love Rome once they have been there. Visit the Colosseum, eat in the cheap local restaurants outside of the centre, and just wander around the city.

Colosseum, Rome

I hope I have given you enough information to plan the best road trip to Italy, the country is waiting for you!

Here are some additional tips for you to make the best out of Italy:

- Order an Aperol Spritz and you will get some nice appetizers (aperitivo) with it (also with wine and other cocktails)

- Try lemon ice cream which contains the skin of a real lemon, at one of the bakery’s in Positano

- Eat the best meatballs in Rome at Cantina & Cucina

- Last but not least, eat pizza and pasta every day, you will never get tired of it and you won’t have it anywhere else as good as in Italy

Thanks for reading!

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- Giulia