Petra & Little Petra Trip in Jordan

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

Hello travelling girls!

We are Polish Travelling Girls (our account on Instagram is @polki_w_podrozy) – Gosia, Marta and Justyna. Here is the story from the trip to Jordan. We hope we will inspire you! ☺

Eilat (Israel) – border – Aqaba (Jordan)

After landing in Eilat-Ovda airport (Israel), we took a taxi (there are also buses to the city center, but not directly to the border) to the Israeli-Jordanian border. I was very curious how passing this walking border looks like! And will they let me go? ☺ Of course, it turned out that it is easier to leave Israel than to return to it after a week's stay in Jordan (they check everything carefully and ask lots of questions – for example how long you stayed in Jordan, with whom did you travel, who are these people for you, what was your flight number etc...). How about the visa issue? At the exit from Israel, you pay around 30$ (general you can pay in $ in Israel), and on the Jordanian border you get a special document with the date of entry into the country. When you stay in Jordan for longer than 3 days, you do not have to pay for a visa when leaving the country. For shorter stays and, for example, if you don’t visit Petra, the fees are higher. In Israel, you do not get a passport stamp (you only scan it and get a small document), while in Jordan you get stamps. If you plan to visit more than Wadi Rum and Petra, it is recommended to buy a Jordan Pass ( 40 tourist attractions are for free with Jordan Pass! In Jordan is more difficult to pay in $, so exchange dollars or euro as soon as possible (1 euro = 0.8 JOD, 1 dollar = 0.71 JOD). We chose Eilat, because we had good direct flight by Wizzair. Also, Ryanair has cheap flights – and even in better places - directly to the Amman (capital of Jordan).

Airport at Eliat

Israeli-Jordanian Border

Polish Passport and Jordanian border document

The first Jordanian city after crossing the border is called Aqaba. There are no buses on the border – the only way to get to the city center is by taxi – which costs between 10-15 JOD and the ride is 15 min. In Aqaba, we rented a car (which cost around 280 euro for 7 days) and stayed there one night. Aqaba is located on the Red Sea gulf and is a great place to dive or go snorkelling. It was too cold to dive and moreover we didn’t have enough time. We ate breakfast and finally left for Petra!

Aqaba – Israel & Egypt are on the other side of the gulf


Aqaba – Wadi Musa - Petra

Road from Aqaba to Wadi Musa – 152 km, around 2 hours by car

The best way to get from Aqaba to Wadi Musa is by rented car (for example from the company Thrifty) or by taxi (from Aqaba it costs around 35 JOD, from the border around 49 JOD). Public transport is not popular and to be honest, we didn’t see any local buses – but you can check buses by this website, which is often recommended for tourists From Aqaba, you first reach The Desert Highway (highways are free in Jordan), and then you turn on the King’s Highway (which is not as good a highway as the Desert one…). It is better to drive during the day, because on the King’s Highway there are no lights, no petrol stations, the road has many turns and goes up. You get there in 1.5 hours from 0 m to the highest peak at around 2000 m above sea level (so it’s not recommended to dive just before going to Petra). But as you can see from the photos, views after passing the mountains are magnificent! ☺