Two "Secret" Destinations - Palawan & Cebu, Philippines

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

Hello beautiful ladies! My name is Elaina from Redhead Round The World (@redhead.roundtheworld). I am going to take you on a little adventure through the Philippines!

Wondering what I mean by “secret”?

I am about to share with you two destinations, one in Cebu and the other in Palawan, that are COMPLETELY tourist free.

That's right, tourist-free. The dream. So untouched and pure with not a soul in sight.

On our recent trip to the Philippines, we took the pace down a notch and really spent time exploring around the islands. Entirely by accident, my boyfriend and I managed to stumble across TWO different places which completely took our breath away.

Every second we spent at both these destinations, we were completely alone. Now, obviously I cannot promise the same for you, but it is VERY likely you will also experience your time here alone.


Lapus Lapus Beach, El Nido, Palawan

Initially, when we had arrived in the Philippines, we were planning on visiting both Coron and El Nido. After two blissful days spent in El Nido, we decided we wanted to stay for a whole week instead.

We stayed at a beautiful hotel next to Corong Corong beach.

One day we decided to go down to the beach and saw a man renting out kayaks. He gave us a steal of a deal (500 Philippine Pesos for the whole day). We hopped into the kayak and just went paddling not really acknowledging where we were going. We were just in complete awe of the water, the warm sun beating down on us, the massive limestone above us, and the pleasure of being on a beautiful adventure.

We stuck along the limestone cliff, following all the way around the bay. As soon as we passed the corner, we saw the most glorious, empty, sunny beach.

We pulled up the kayak and were just in complete shock of our sudden discovery. This beach is the epitome of paradise. When I dream about a far away, luxurious, secluded beach, this one embodied everything I had always imagined.

Crystal clear blue water (perfect for snorkelling), swaying palm trees above, golden soft warm sand, everything you could visualize in paradise.

We spent hours at this beach, enjoying everything it had to offer. We just couldn't believe we were the ONLY ones there the whole day, it was genuinely too good to be true.

We looked at our location on the map and realized that it is only accessible by boat, and also one of the only beaches around that isn't on ANY tour.

Then we paddled back and returned the kayak.