J of G MASTER Collection - Desktop & Mobile Package

J of G MASTER Collection - Desktop & Mobile Package

In ONE click, change the way your photo looks to make your feed stand out!


The Journeys of Girls Master Preset Collection contains 10 presets for BOTH Desktop and Mobile (a package deal - save in comparison to buying the Mobile or Desktop presets separately). This preset collection has various colour tones, all labelled correctly for you to use on different types of photos and locations. Whether you're in the tropics, on a city-scape, in a jungle or shooting at sunset, there is a preset for everyone and everything. 


Attached is a PDF explaining how to install your presets.


Why buy our presets?


We are offering these quality presets that we have worked very hard to create at a very reasonable price. This package deal is affordable but also offers the highest quality for any type of photo, phone or DSLR. 



    7 Steps to Plan your Perfect Trip

    Journeys of Girls' eBook is a user-friendly manual that can help those leading busy lives plan their ideal vacation with ease. The book is great to read and had all important facts for your country of interest at your fingertips!

    Diana C.

    The ebook is easy to follow and has great tips that can be used to make the process of booking every vacation you plan a lot easier.

    Jenn C.